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Xyr'rias Drexan

Xyr'rias Drexan

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PostSubject: Application   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:15 pm

First name: Jack
Age: 17
Experience with earlier MMO's: WoW/Star wars galaxies
How did you hear about us: Defias rp forum
Tell us a little about yourself (hobbies etc.):Doing a ICT course in college currently, I've been roleplaying star wars for the past around 3-4 years whilst currently an influential member in a roleplay community on the game "Jedi Knight Jedi Academy". On World of Warcraft I roleplayed the character "Praxan" in the guild "Kingdom of Arathor" mainly, at one point having the 'Orin' rank until the current got back, was also in Chapter of Holy Anethion and such.

I also have a real life and play guitar Smile Once TOR comes out I intend to have a few character, my main to be sith however I intend also having a republic trooper if possible.

Character name: {Unmade}
Character class: {Unmade}
Character faction: Either.
Why would your character want to join this guild: To fight the republic I assume =o
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