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 Description of the Silver Vanguard

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PostSubject: Description of the Silver Vanguard   Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:00 pm

The Silver Vanguard is, despite what the name suggests, not a military guild. We are a story-driven adventuring guild with only a basic, mostly superficial, military structure meant to keep order in unclear circumstances. What we aim for within the guild is to create events and stories that capture the feel of Star Wars, and make its members feel that they leave an impact. That they mean something. To stimulate that feeling from the very beginning, people do not become raw recruits when they join. Event wise we seek to create smaller operations rather than massive events to allow people to become more personally involved with what’s going on, and allow heroic actions to truly shine. Freedom of choice in methods is high on our agenda. Though we don’t shy away from the occasional big battle or gathering, this is not where we will put our focus.

Members of the Silver Vanguard are volunteers. We keep a ‘you’re free to leave’ policy. They aren’t asked to give up their positions or responsibilities within the Republic or the Jedi order, and are free to refuse missions. However, once you sign up for an operation you are expected to support your comrades to the end, and try to the fullest of your abilities to complete your objectives. It is a sign of poor respect when you leave your fellows behind, and will earn you nothing but scorn and a boot out of the proverbial door. At the same time, every Vanguard may be called upon to lead an operation, regardless of position.

The Silver Vanguard is part of the Republic in every aspect, except on paper, wherein lies it’s power. Like in the old days, they can do high-risk missions and even direct assaults on the Empire without the Republic being involved. At the same time, the Vanguard receives support mostly coming in the form of anonymous donations and clandestine goods supplied by the Vanguard’s Smugglers. On the other side, members who commit extreme war crimes may be called to order and sent to a Republic Court Marshal, or the Jedi Council. As said before, this is only in the most extreme of circumstances.
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Description of the Silver Vanguard
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