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 Ranks of the Silver Vanguard

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PostSubject: Ranks of the Silver Vanguard   Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:02 pm

Because The Vanguard is a voluntary operation, ‘’rank’’ is a big word. However, in order to maintain structure in a tight situation, people are needed who can guide and direct battles and operations to a good ending.
Though there is a rank structure, everybody in the guild may find himself being given command over an operation. The Silver Vanguard does not seek to slap you in formation, and fling around titles. We are trying to make everybody feel like the heroes you are supposed to be. You don’t take on five soldiers at once for nothing, right?

General: The current general of The Silver Vanguard is Jedi Master Shon-Tel. The General leads the Silver Vanguard, and is a tactician above all. Rarely directly getting involved in a fight, he provides instructions, directions and advice to strike teams and battlegroups from a vantage point, where he may have a good overview of the situation, or is able to meditate in peace to find the best possible solution. The general functions like a Dungeon Master in a Pen and Paper RPG, directing the storylines and events of operations and the guild.

Captain: There is no Captain of the Silver Vanguard yet. The Captain is the first field commander of the Troopers and Smugglers during operations. They receive their instructions directly from the General, being in charge of directing the present forces to the objectives. Outside of emergency situations, the Captain does not command the Jedi. The Captain, like the General, also functions as a Dungeon Master.

First Knight: The current First Knight of The Silver Vanguard is Jedi Knight Jon-Shiar. Being Shon-Tel’s former Padawan, they share a bond of trust and understanding. Jon-Shiar becomes acting general should Shon-Tel go missing, or be incapable of command for a long stretch of time. While not ‘’higher’’ or ‘’better’’ than the other Jedi Knights, the First Knights is the Jedi equivalent of the Captain, receiving instructions from the General and guiding his team to their objectives. Outside of emergency situations, the First Knight does not command the Troopers and Smugglers. The First Knight, like the General and the Captain, also functions as a Dungeon Master.

Storyteller: Best described as an ''OOC officer''. This is for people who have expressed a want to push the guild forward, and an interest in storytelling and DM-ing. They help with thinking up events and storylines, as well as management of the guild.

Lieutenant: There are no Lieutenants of the Silver Vanguard yet. Lieutenant’s aid the captain, and replace the captain as field commander in his absence. They do not differ from the captain in most aspects, only that they are second in command to the Captain.

Jedi Knight: -This is the default rank for Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars.- Every Jedi who joins The Silver Vanguard is most welcome. The Vanguard understands that Jedi are still bound to the Jedi Order and the Jedi Code, and will not ask them to break their vows, instead welcoming them as valuable allies. Jedi have no ‘’lieutenants’’. Instead, in the absence of the First Knight, his responsibilities will be given to the wisest amongst them, which is to say, those in present company with the highest level. Should there be several persons be the highest level, a Jedi is expected to have the wisdom to know that they should not allow themselves to be divided. If the General is available, he may appoint one at random if necessary. (The Silver Vanguard wishes to keep the amount of Jedi Masters limited. If you wish to join as an In Character master, you must mention so in your application, and come with a good story of how you became a Master.)

Vanguard: - This is the default rank for Troopers and Smugglers.- Volunteers who join the cause become Vanguards. From grizzled war veterans to heroes of the Republic, as well as the keenest gunslingers and most crafty of scoundrels, they unite under the banner of the Silver Vanguard to do their part in freeing the Galaxy. However, the Silver Vanguard does not ask its members to forsake their loyalties to the Republic, or their other tasks. Every Vanguard stands a significant notch above the average recruit.
Padawan: Members who feel inclined to play a Padawan learner may take up this rank, and be assigned to one of the Jedi Knights for training. Though they are assigned to a specific master, the other Jedi are expected to guide and teach the Padawan as well, should his or her master be absent. If the Padawan so wishes, he or she may be Knighted after a certain amount of time.

Recruit: Members who wish to play as a raw recruit who has barely ever held a blaster in his or her life, wishing to learn from the other Vanguards. Gradually becoming better, should a recruit so wish they may rise to be a Vanguard after a certain amount of time, having learned the tricks of the trade from the others.

Padawan: Roughly the same as a recruit. Padawans are assigned to a Jedi Knight to be their master. When the Padawan so wishes they may rise to become a Jedi Knight, when they so wish.

Civilians/Allies: These are the people who are sympathetic to the Vanguard’s cause, but do not wish to commit themselves. People such as these include members from local resistance movements, civilian allies, and sometimes even Grey Jedi. Civilians/Allies only sporadically join on operations, or only join operations on specific planets or even specific areas. This rank also covers OOC alts.
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Ranks of the Silver Vanguard
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