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 Class roles

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PostSubject: Class roles   Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:04 pm

Different classes have different roles within the game, and so, also, within the Vanguard. We treat and regard every game class as equal, but not as the same. While we seek to create events that require all classes to be present, or will make them to be useful in any way, there are missions that some classes are better suited for than others. Here follows a list of different example roles for different classes.

Trooper: Troopers are straight-forward fighting machines. They specialize in missions that involve few stealth elements, little cover, and a lot of enemies that need to be dispatched. Troopers will sooner be assigned to assault an Imperial prison camp, than they will be assigned to crawl through a ventilation shaft to free the prisoners in secret. They may also be assigned to distraction missions so that Smugglers and Jedi Shadows have an easier time completing their objectives.

Smuggler: Smugglers in the Vanguard do the sneaky work. They have the fastest ships, and the biggest know-how of how to get from place to place without drawing attention, or getting supplies to the Vanguard without the Empire finding out from where. They will more likely be assigned to missions that involve extracting sensitive data from an Imperial computer in secret, rather than a front-gate assault.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Knights are guardians of the Republic, not soldiers. Even so, the war calls for an increasing need of Jedi on the front lines. Jedi Knights are assigned to assist in all kinds of operations that require a solid defense to fall back on. Jedi Knights will also be the first line of defense against the Sith.

Jedi Consular: Seeking their wisdom in the Force, just as Jedi Knights do, Consulars may just as well be assigned to support all kinds of missions. However, a Consular is a diplomat before all. When there is a chance for a peaceful solution, the Consulars will be there to find out.
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Class roles
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